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 UFOs & LSD: The Secret Connection

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PostSubject: UFOs & LSD: The Secret Connection   Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:01 am

The UFO phenomena is so utterly mind-bending that the best way to understand it may be to go out of our minds. The role of expanded consciousness and access to the alien world is revealed in private conversations this author has had with eminent men of science. This includes talks with the now-late Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. John Mack and Harvard Professor Dr. Timothy Leary. They provide keen insight into the ultimate secret of the UFO. They uncover the hyperdimensional world in which the UFO traverses. They also detail the interplay between altered states of matter, altered states of mind and contact with the alien.

Other notable scientists have joined to divulge the role of expanded consciousness and communication with ET intelligence. They include ecologist Terence McKenna, physician Dr. John Lilly, psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof and the father of space flight, visionary Jack Parsons. Their search for the answers to the questions about flying saucers have led to a telling conclusion: only if we open our "doors of perception" will we be able to understand this alien intelligence.

Because the UFO community is predisposed to a strictly mechanistic "nuts and bolts" interpretation of the UFO phenomena, they have ignored these learned men’s revelations. They forget that the ability to travel through the cosmos must require an interdimensional component. The alien interstellar craft do not travel like our "pop can" Apollos that use outdated combustion technologies. They must morph the very fabric of "reality" and they must somehow bend space-time itself. And the UFO often creates states of "non-ordinary reality" for those who get too near them. Percieving this other-dimensional reality may require altering our very abilities to perceive.


British Ufologist Jenny Randles has taken note of altered perceptions and realities when it comes to the UFO. She has named this "the Oz factor." It is a sense of timelessness and of sensory and spatial changes when in the presence of the unearthly. This is experienced particulary in close encounters such as reported at the famous UFO landing at Bentwaters in 1980. One of the witnesses to the landed craft at Rendlesham Forest near the Bentwaters military base had commented on an "otherworldly" feeling. He reports that he had entered a void where only he and the phenomena co-existed. Objects and shadows "bent" and changed shape and it was sensed that time had slowed. The craft changed its configuration and color. Cast shadows were not in synch with the motion of his body. Countless close encounters report very similar effects.

Randles posits that such "outworlders" are contacting humans using consciousness itself, rather than with simply sophisticated technology. But it is not all "paraphysical." In rare cases, Randles believes, the subjective impression of the experiencer is so strong that it manipulates "objective" reality. That is, a person who is caught in the midst of this "Oz Factor" may actually be able to photograph a craft. Viewing something that is so far removed from their frame of reference, they feel as though they’ve entered a world of fantasy. But they have not- seeing the alien involves mental and physical interplay. Communication with the alien by mind, or telepathy, is even mentioned. It is at once physical and paraphysical. Other researchers such as John Keel and Dr. Jacques Vallee hint at this strange interplay in many other cases.


The late Timonthy Leary is of course the controversial to-this-day futurist, writer and scientist. He was also a well-known researcher and vocal enthusiast of LSD and psychedelics during the 1960s. A psychologist, a Berkeley grad and a Harvard Professor- it is less known that Leary was also an enthusiast about space travel and contact with the alien.
In the 1980s, Leary began a program of study he called "SMILE." This was the acronym for "Space Migration," "Intelligence Increase" and "Life Extension." He believed that we will ultimately return to the stars from whence we came. This could only be accomplished by mastery of instellar travel via the interdimensional path, the expansion of intelligence and consciousness that would be needed to communicate with the alien, and by implementing life extension technologies so that we be able to live to manipulate time. He developed this concept in 1980 and expanded on it in his 1993 book, "The Game of Life".

The documentary "Timothy Leary’s Dead" clarified Leary’s stance on ET. Leary felt that intelligent life exists throughout infinite space. But he felt that it was less "literal" and "nuts and bolts" than Ufologists believed, and that it was more of a mental, spiritual and interdimensional phenomena. He did not believe that spacecraft were the only thing that ET used to travel space. He said that it was unlikely that "ET packaged alien beings in spaceships and sent them hundreds of light-years through space so that they could land in farm pastures and rape little old ladies in Iowa." He believed that mind, matter and space were far more complex than that simplistic model. Leary, though, was a bit contradicted on this though. When he passed, his own ashes were shot into space in a rocket.

I once saw Timothy Leary at a lecture in Boston. But it was in the late 1980s -by extreme chance- that I happened to actually personally meet Dr. Leary. While casually strolling down the beach on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, I noticed a white-haired, wild-looking wiseman. As I approached nearer, it became very clear that the face was familiar. The man was gazing over and through the Mexican ocean with intense contemplation. As I passed by, I was compelled to ask: "Dr. Leary?" The reply: "Yes, that’s me." And it was. But I tested him, having seen him before: "I once saw you a few years ago doing stand-up comedy at a club when I lived in Boston." He said: "Oh, no kidding. I remember that club on Commonwealth Ave, The Paradise." In fact, Leary had a small "Evening with Timothy Leary" tour of clubs during that time period. His "act" was a semi-lecture offering his take on history and on current events. He was incredibly entertaining and irreverent with his razor-sharp wit and cerebral humor. Satisfied that it was indeed him, we began small chit chat about the big universe:

I told Leary about my interest in other worlds, as we both stood there before the endless expanse of blue sky and sea. Leary told me that he knew that there was other intelligent life in places "that we do not know about because we are to dumb to see them." I asked him if he meant that we do not yet have the telescopes to view them. He replied no, that is not what he meant. He meant that "we do not open up our minds to those whose minds are far more vast and open than our own." He explained that the instellar dynamic requires the interdimensional dynamic. To deal with the bending of space-time, we must "bend" our minds. He echoed Arthur C. Clark that their technology to us would be indistinguishable from magic. We are not yet prepared to enter the world where the physical and the paraphysical intermingle. Until we change our very minds, we cannot go to a such a malleable place where space, time and and the very structure of matter are manipulated. It is not a physical limitation, he added. It was a limitation of consciousness. ET works beyond our framework of reference.

Realizing we were on vacation and that we shouldn’t be talking so many deep things, I said goodbye and walked on down the beach, my head hurting from the chance meeting.

more here: http://www.paranormalnews.com/article.aspx?id=1423

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- Hans Hansen

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PostSubject: Facepalm followed by a request for you to self uppercut yourself.   Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:06 pm

I was going to devote some of my time to bringing some facts in here but I just think I will facepalm and request you uppercut yourself in the face till you pass out.
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UFOs & LSD: The Secret Connection
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